What else to say… Sheet Happens! It happened, the concept of face sheet masks completely blew our minds and we decided to share our love for the masks with others! We are thrilled to be the first sheet mask subscription box in Sweden and have chance to provide these little magic packages to you.

There is nothing better than feeling confident in your own skin, why not with a healthy, glowy and beautiful one? It's fun, quick, it's wallet friendly, and you don't need anything else to start sheet masking. This is why sheet masks completely stole our hearts.

We are Stockholm based, in love with Korean masks (and cats) hoping to spread the word around. Sheet on!


When we came across the term sheet mask for the first time (before we felt in love forever) we were thinking : What on Earth is that? And more importantly, why would you put it on your face...?! Is the word misspelled? Why serve yourself this creepy look? Now, after some time - we get it. What is more - we absolutely love it! Therefore (since we are the first Subscription Box in Scandinavia with sheet masks) we want to introduce sheet masks to you and reveal the unknown!

The trend started in South Korea and has been an skincare must have for some time already. Sheet masks have become extremely popular in Asia, recently in the United States, and making their turn (finally!) to Europe. Why? For a very good reason. Let us tell you more about sheet masks!

Let's start with the basics, a Sheet Mask is a single use face mask soaked in rich essence which is liquid-based formula (serum). Worrying about fine lines? Does your skin need a bit of glow? Or it just feels like you have a desert on your face? Sheet masks works like an extra energy boost for the skin to help you deal with whatever is bothering your face (or soul). They include high concentration of active substances which are mostly absorbed by the skin in 15-30min. 

Some facts about sheet masks:

    • Sheet masks are meant to be used as quick, convenient facial to achieve clearly visible and noticeable effects.
    • The sheet helps the serum to soak in the skin a little longer than paste-type face mask and is not drying the skin.
    • The sheet itself can be made from fabrics like cotton, paper, gel type or fiber.
    • They are individually packed, ready to use without any special preparations.
    • Opposite to creams, sheet masks include film forming ingredients - which create an invisible layer - occlusive and absorbent and/or acids that act directly on the skin.
    • There is no need to washing them off with water - the leftover essence will be absorbed by skin or you can pat it gently to your face. 
    • The sheet prevents quick evaporation of the essence and extends the time that the ingredients require to penetrate deep into the skin. 
    • There is no right order for when to put your sheet mask, but we recommend to put it after serum and before eye cream and moisturising.


If you have more questions about sheet masks don't hesitate in contacting us!

Sheet on!