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Four Substance Formula Mask: Red jujube is excellent for nourishing blood. Angelicae Radix helps to remove speckle. Radix Rehmanniae Preparata relieves irritated skin. Rose moisturizes skin cells. Angelica root is known as excellent ingredient that helps remove dark spots from the skin. Processed rehmannia has a cooling effect and is good for water balance.


MasKingdom Chinese Medicine series

Using Chinese formulas and ingredients, the Chinese Medicine series is designed for everyone who enjoy herbal remedies to restore balance in the skin, hydrate and protect the skin. The masks are made from Japanese silk which is skin friendly, highly permeable, and has very good coverage.  Because of the high quality of the sheet mask, the essence is absorbed effectively, which in result lets all the ingredients penetrate deep the skin, repairing the skin issues.  


MasKingdom is a high end brand when it comes to beauty in Taiwan. Well known for their amazing, unique packaging and high quality of sheet masks, MasKingdom finally launches at Sheet Happens as the first Taiwanese brand.