55.00 SEK

For use during menstruation

Sorghum extract replenish skin and build protective barrier on your skin to resist the exterior environmental damage. Lily extracts can effectively fight melanin, improve dark spots and uneven skin tone. Highly nourishing and whitening, brightness your skin from the inside out. 

Lily is the official flower of the Rukai tribe, known in the local language as Irigu. The Rukais have elevated the Lily to a status of worship where it symbolizes the abstract spiritual idea. As you undergo the first step of womanhood, possessing the sweetness of youth and the perfection of tenderness, you have the purity and balance for eternity.


On cleaned and toned skin, tap serum into skin until nice absorbed. Apply mask after the serum.   


MasKingdom Taiwanese Aboriginal

Each mask is individually packed in a 9-layer foil sachet designed to keep the mask sheet & the serum fresh and highly effective. Each mask has different, unique design. The stunning artwork is inspired by Taiwanese Aboriginal culture, printed with environmentally friendly soy ink. 


MasKingdom is a high end brand when it comes to beauty in Taiwan. Well known for their amazing, unique packaging and high quality of sheet masks, MasKingdom finally launches at Sheet Happens as the first Taiwanese brand.