Sheet Happens
329.00 SEK

If for some unknown reasons you missed out our subscription for the month of May or you want to make a really sheety present - May Box is finally hereeeeeeee filled with 9 amazing masks. Hurry up, we only have a few!

May Box is an amazing mix of brands available on the website and few to be yet discovered! No need to subscribe, if you are curious how our subscription boxes look, here it is! May box as a single box. Limited quantity. Among other brands, we packed some masks from A'PIEU, MEDIHEAL and premium face wrapping mask from BERRISOM!

The masks we curated for this edition had a lot to do with sun shining higher! We packed together masks that will protect against urban environment, sun rays, pollutants and stress. Box perfect for those who are in need for cooling and calming sheet masks designed to strenghten skin barrier. 


May Box, like the boxes before is a mix of masks available at our website plus few masks that can be found exclusively in the box! Sheet on!