Sheet Happens
159.00 SEK 175.00 SEK

Let the rainbow of love touch your face and make you the most beautiful unicorn in the whole Universe. Sheet & love! 

6 rainbow masks:


Holika Holika Pure Essence Strawberry

A brightening sheet that makes skin lustrous and provides moisture to skin with strawberry extract

Skin79 Fresh Garden Red Ginseng

Pure cotton mask containing freshness of natural ingredients that makes your silky smooth. Red Ginseng's Saponin strengthens your skin and leaves it revitalized.


Holika Holika Pure Essence Lemon

Moisturizing sheet that provides moisture to skin and vitalizes with lemon extract.


Skin79 Fresh Garden Aloe

Cotton mask with aloe extract to moisturize and sooth dull skin.


Skin79 Fresh Garden Glacial Water

Contains moisture of Alaskan Glacier water for the ultimate moisturizing effect!


Holika Holika Pure Essence Acay Berry

Nourising mask that vitalizes the skin with acai berry extract.